Our Sustainable Efforts & Strategy

FE remains committed to ethical and sustainable sourcing. As a global vertical manufacturer, we strive to incorporate cleaner technology in our processes for a better supply chain model. We are aware that the fashion industry has its inevitable issues in regards to the impact it has on the environment and are committed to implementing policies to reduce the harm.

New Member: FE partners with the Green Sports Alliance

FE is proud to join the Green Sports Alliance, a convening organization of sports and entertainment industry members around meaningful change toward a more sustainable future.

By joining forces with this alliance, we are not only committing to following best practices but also leading by example in our dedication to sustainability. Together, we aim to set new standards for environmental responsibility, proving that sports fashion can be both stylish and sustainable.

Our Solar Powered Fabric Mill

Powered by 1,550 solar panels, our fabric mill's hybrid energy system is the cornerstone to our company's sustainable journey. Our fabric mill's progressive system, ensures both remarkable efficiency and a positive environmental impact for our entire clothing collection.

What makes FE different?

100% Recycled Fabrics


Our entire clothing collection for FE is made from 100% recycled fabrics. All our hoodies and outerwear are made from the same fabrics to be environmentally friendly, while still making our designs both elevated without impacting our quality.

Solar Powered


Effective in 2022, our fabric mill is now powered by a hybrid energy system of 1,550 solar panels. Located in Weihai, a coastal city known for its blue skies and low cloud coverage, these newly installed solar panels harness the sun’s energy and fully power our mill when the sun is shining.

The infrastructure is designed to capture maximum sunlight to harness into an energy source. With power shortages faced throughout China, this hybrid system provides a clean and reliable energy source for the mill to operate.

The energy sourced from our solar panel fields will lead to annual green effects that minimize our impact on the planet.

Green Effects


The impact of our solar powered mill:

  • Reduced CO₂ emissions by 1,072,488 kg
  • Reduced deforestation by 59,160 trees
  • Reduced coal consumption by 430,288 kg

WRAP Certified


Since 2018, our cut–and–sew factories have held a Gold certification from the Worldwide Responsible Accreditation Production agency. Gold WRAP certification is awarded to facilities that demonstrate full compliance with accepted international workplace standards, local laws and workplace regulations – following WRAP’s 12 Principles.

What's next?

We will be looking into updating our return policies and packaging practices to reduce our carbon footprint furthermore. We are open to working with charities or third parties who share similar principles to us and would be open discussing partnerships in the future.

If you are interested in learning more about our parent company AW Chang and the story it has been on and where it hopes to grow in the future, please visit us here

We hope you enjoyed learning about our story and will join us on our next chapter to becoming a more environmentally friendly fashion company - one that we, and you, can be proud to support.